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  #IoG @ December 13th, 2018 -- 03:43 PM 
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  CSS Team 6 Straight Wins - Posted By: United-States hilikus Aug 30th - 2007
Has it been a long time since an update here on the IoG? Yes. In case you have not been keeping up in IRC we have our CSS team back, and they are back in full force. CEVO-M has been no joke for this team, taking wins over teams like pure.gaming and Mug N Mouse and losing a nail biter 15-16 match to Awakening, the current second place team. Throughout the season we have been floating around the middle of the upper half of our division, taking losses here and wins there. But the past few weeks we have managed to lay down a six game winning streak, the largest by far in all of CEVO CSS. This brings us into a nice third place very close behind the leading teams and a great seed for the playoffs. The playoffs begin September 3rd with IoG(5) facing off first against Isolated Gaming (12) on de_dust2. And stick around for an announcement tonight about a new division here at IoG. Great job CSS team!

Carlo "aL|ve" Ortega
Adam "PenguinMURDA" Hartzell
Kurt "K187" Langjahr
Zack "Limbcutter" Hopcraft
Christopher "camy!" Moore
Chris "Revels" Revels
Pier-Luc "ViNX" Larochelle
Raphael "RAPH" Bouillon

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Posted by: United-States fąıŋt | September 02nd, 2007 at 4:59 PM UTC

Nice job guys
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United-States madd
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