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United-States insane 11/11/2006 07:12 AM
Group: Member
Posts: 11
Joined: 01/09/2006
EGLN and America's Army

Electronic Gaming Live Network and America's Army

As most of the America's Army competitive community knows, there is an organization out there named EGLN, who are the main supporters of the new CEGL league, and one of the biggest and best shoutcasting companies to ever touch the internet. Let's go through a little bit of their history now, shall we?

The Electronic Gaming Live Network, commonly known as EGLN, was once called BFRadio and was a Battlefield 1942 shoutcasting organization, which was founded by one Shaun "Shaunzy" Hetherington. When BFRadio was recognized by gamers to be one of the better audio casting companies, they moved on from Battlefield 1942 to other games such as Call of Duty, Counter Strike 1.6, and Counter Strike: Source, which resulted in the name being changed from BFRadio to EGLN.

Now, the America's Army competitive community has never been very large, but Slow Reaction's very own Combat (JayD) felt that America's Army had the potential to be a very interesting game over a shoutcast. So, after a talk with Shaunzy, JayD then became the America's Army lead shoutcaster and many casters have come and gone, some of them known by a great portion of the community (madd.iog, i9.golden_gun, h@ck, jCp.Vandal, i9.flik). All of these shoutcasters are no longer with EGLN, but will remain known for their casting abilities. However, let's go through the current casters and some of their history:

CAL-AA|JayD // EGLN|Jay // -[sR]-Combat
Jason Daniels, the lead America's Army shoutcaster, also provides the streaming video for the casts from a second computer. Though JayD may seem unknown to many players, he used to play for teams such as IMAGE, Point Blank, and No Potential (merge between pb and iT). JayD has just recently returned from being stationed in the Canadian military for 6 weeks, and is ready to cast it up again. Currently, JayD plays for the invite team Slow Reaction, and enjoys pubbing it up in Counter Strike: Source.

EGLN|insane // -[sR]-insane-
CJ Scilipote, quite possibly the most acclaimed shoutcaster in EGLN America's Army, always comes to the microphone prepared and ready for anything. insane is best known as insane from Slow Reaction, though he has played for a few other top teams as well, including Uninstall, IceNine, Biomedical Firebears, and Innovation for a short period of time. insane has recently got caught up in Silkroad, however his return is definite within the next few weeks with the TWL Invite season coming to an end. Currently, insane is on the starting roster for Slow Reaction and is always ready to scrim for his team and help them succeed.

EGLN|Ardhiel // -a.rdhiel
Adrian Marquez, one of the newer shoutcasters in EGLN, plays for the the team aftermath, who just recently became good friends with the CAL admins after Frozen Chosen tried to get them for apparently breaking every rule in CAL. Ardhiel really does not have a complex history behind him, he played for aftermath back before they broke up, rejoined their players as vindictive Gaming, and they just recently changed their name back to -aftermath. Although Ardhiel is one of the newer shoutcasters, he also has great potential to be one of the better ones if he would be rid of his "mic freight". Currently, Ardhiel plays for -aftermath. and was a great help to EGLN in JayD's absence when insane could not be around to shoutcast.

Honestly I do not know much about Timothy or any history behind him, except that he played for the CAL-O team -eO. before leaving to start his own team. Timothy's casting abilities are currently being worked on and you can expect him to become a hell of a voice on the mic.

So that basically sums up the current EGLN status and the casters that make EGLN possible. Keep in mind, EGLN also has european shoutcasters for America's Army, but this article was written about the North American casters.

You can catch the next EGLN cast at when insane and JayD cast their first match together in over 2 months. The CAL-Open Finals, God's Unwanted Children vs. Frozen Chosen. See ya there!
United-States tr!x 11/11/2006 08:21 AM
Group: Member
Posts: 20
Joined: 08/01/2006
Nice write up, and yea, thanks a lot Jay for doing video and stuff, it makes a big difference.
United-States chronik 11/11/2006 09:58 PM
Group: Member
Posts: 1
Joined: 11/11/2006

FC and -a. will be finishing up on slow reactions server i believe
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