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  #IoG @ December 13th, 2018 -- 03:06 PM 
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  Top AA Movies - Posted By: United-States madd Oct 07th - 2006
Article by Glasse from Protect & Serve

After review of hundreds of AA movies over the years, I've compiled a list of movies that really stood out from the pack. Most of these are pioneers in one way or another in what they accomplish or simply do it better then other similar movies. Keep in mind there's tons of other good AA movies not on the list but having gone through a careful elimination process the following we're chosen.

The list is accompanied by a brief description and comments on my part. I've invited 3 other well known movie makers to also give their review of the movies chosen. There is info on the movie ( file size, video codec, length ) & a direct download link for each.

This had been a project I'd been wanting to do for some time now and finally sat down to get it done. The list will grow over time, but for now this is how it stands.

In no particular order :

SARG #1 Insurgent SF

[ Glasse's comment ] :
This was the first of its kind when it came to comedy mixed with action, which is basically the adventure genre. It brought in completly fresh and creative ideas and scene setups that made the whole movie just fun to watch. Also it was a first in terms of editing and creative use of camera. The ideas and funny moments are still classics today. This and the second SARG movie we're direct inspirations for other adventure movies like Ultramedic.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
This is one of the early standards of the comedy AA film. It brought a good mix of the comedy/action/adventure into a simple package that was just plain fun to watch. There was alot of thought and careful planning of shots and the creative use of camera's thru this short.

[ DeltaFR-Alcyon's comment ] :
-SARG movie video HQ
-SARG terrorist hunt
These 2 movies are simply my favorite! a lot of humor!


DOWNLOAD ( 32 megs, wmv, 3:39mins )
Download Link

SARG #2 WC Terrorist Hunt

[ Glasse's comment ] :
This movie is a direct continuation of the first SARG movie. This time happening on WC, once again the ideas and creativity is above par. Its funny and fun and is a great sequel ( just the nade sniping scene is worth it ). Things like the indiana jones overhead map just show how well thought out the SARG team makes things.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
This was very well thought out sequel to their first work. Many great shots and funny moments make this one of the best downloads in AA movies around. Many creative idea's that have been copied to many other movies since.


DOWNLOAD ( 48 megs, wmv, 6:23mins )
Download Link

SARG #3 At The Back of Beyond

[ Glasse's comment ] :
After a long hiatus and a new name change ( the name is now Big Bad Badgers ), a new addition to the series was added, this time with a more action oriented theme. A new approach audio wise was used with the web voice replicator ( first done in PiS ) for the voice acting and some interesting musical selections. The audio on this movie is very well done. As always the editing is clean and on point. Youll notice some similarities between this movie and Zero Octane, not sure if its an intended tribute/remake or was a fluke. Of note is the static camera angles we're very well thought out.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
Once again a very clean movie and well put together. Alot more action and not near the same amount of comedy nor real sense of adventure as before, just a very clean movie and well editied.


DOWNLOAD ( 84 megs, wmv, )
Download Link

Instruments of God : Perfection

[ Glasse's comment ] :
Subject2Change of CS movies fame directed and edited this monster of a frag movie ( also featuring names such as TFG - guy who made "Clan Wars" ). This was the first AA frag movie super production with superior image quality and actual synching of audio/video. The content in this movie remains of the highest caliber as alot of the footage was taken in matches and scrims against top teams ( try FRAPSing yourself in a match, versus a top team no less ). This movie ushered AA movies into the same league as well made CS, quake, cod, ut movies. Polished, calculated and impressive content.

[ Grinder's comments ] :
Very well edited and great image quality especially considering the time of production. To this day this is one of the AA movies that makes the "bar" to be broken. I would have like to have seen more of the other players put in their stuff as well versus just Decimation frag movie basically. Over all, very good movie and a must see.


DOWNLOAD ( 312 megs, xvid, 15 mins )
Download Link

Delta FR : The Great Offensive

[ Glasse's comment ] :
Coming out of nowhere, an unknown DeltaFR clan made a movie based on black hawk down using AA and CSAR as a natural backdrop. What an impact it made with the AA community as a whole aswell as with the DEV team. The atmosphere and presentation really presented AA as an army "simulator". Faithful to the army image it introduced effective use of mastered audio tracks and with well chosen musical sequences and ingame audio overlays. Considering the whole thing was made with windows movie maker this is a quite a feat. Of note is the use of camera shake and eye level moving camera that sucks you into the action.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
This movie is one of the first great impact movie done by a group that no one cosidered as movie making clan material. This movie has great audio and some very descent story line that keeps you watching. The clan put alot of effort into this and they are rewarded with a good masterpiece to show off now for their clan.


DOWNLOAD ( wmv, 12:45mins)
Download Link

Terrorist Elimination Network (TEN) Movie

[ Glasse's comment ] :
Classic old school AA action. 1st of its kind when it comes to frag movies and set the standard for all AA movies to come. Whole thing has a great pace. It features some very entertaining content, reminds me of an AND1 Mixtape. After all these years the TEN movie is still used to compare movies coming out today.

[ Grinder's comments ]:
Very interesting for a very early attempt in AA vid making history. Good content for when frag movie's were king of the AA vid scene. A definate standard was set with this.


DOWNLOAD ( 147megs, xvid, 10:32mins )
Download Link ( had to upload it,
couldnt find it hosted anywhere )

Pasquetta SF

[ Glasse's comment ] :
AA's first live action movie. Really funny, very original, leaves a lasting impression. The audio editing is actually very good, the timing is perfect. Instant classic.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
This one when it first showed up took me by surprise. I found the humor of how they portrayed AA into the RL scenario and with the great audio dubbing and well timed effects. This was a very entertaining movie.


DOWNLOAD ( 26megs, xvid, 7:49mins )
Download Link

Petroleum Crisis

[ Glasse's comment ] :
The creativity and editing stand out in this movie combined with good special effects and good audio, the whole movie brings a high tech spy thriller feel to it. The nice little touches and ideas make this movie stand out. Petroleum crisis goes on the premise of the Pipeline map with terrorists haven taken over and a team sent in to get it back, the way they go about is what makes this great.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
Very very good movie and lots of creative thinking here. There was some very descent editing both video and audio. They certainly spent the time and had alot of good experience brought to the table with this.


DOWNLOAD ( 141megs, wmv, 19:14mins)
Download Link

Air Force Ones 2 : Ultramedic

[ Glasse's comment ] :
Ultramedic is the second installment in the AFO universe where people and things act by their own set of special rules. Ultramedic stars BigBoi a reluctant hero equipped with special boots that allow him to perform super moves and actions. Its an adventure movie full of funny action sequences and impossible stunts. Original content and creativity abound. Things like 203 midair collisions, super jumps and exploding opfor combined with the AFO vibe and attitude give Ultramedic a style of its own.

[ Grinder's Comments ] :
It's an entertaining movie with some great creativity and an edge on wit and being a bit sassy and funny. Many very interesting stunts and some nice special effects.


DOWNLOAD ( 20 mins, wmv, 92 megs )
Download Link

TWL Allstar Game

[ Glasse's comment ] :
The first full length movie featuring content taken entirely from demos + pascam. Super high quality, extensive editing and featuring some of the best players in the game today. The movie showcases various player demos over 3 maps ( no UA demos though unfortunately ) during the allstar game, with ingame first person weapons fire animations, ingame audio, the EGLN live shoutcast overlayed and the musical track aswell. This movie brings in multiple elements to create a "live" atmosphere and show the players as real life competitors rather then onscreen names. The editing has been commented as some of the best in AA.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
Some very nice demo/pascam work with some very interesting special effects. Some very crisp and precise editing.

[ DeltaFR-Alcyon's comment ] :
I love the idea ! make real report about real clan war ! i want more !
Special effect and editing are very interesting here !


DOWNLOAD ( 172megs, xvid, 7:35mins )
Download Link

PaS in Space

[ Glasse's comment ] :
Kitten is warped. That is all.

[ Grinder's Comment ] :
I personally loved the humor and the style of this movie. With some great creativity from the main characters this has turned into one of the basis for humor in AA movies today.


Download Link

23.The Uprising

[ Glasse's comments ] :
The mothership of AA content. This movie is the biggest production ever undertaken, its massive. Has storyline, frags and massive editing. A milestone in AA movies. Also the first big production to ever be featured and presented by aaotracker.

[ Grinder's comments ] :
This movie contained alot of great special effects and showcased alot of every aspect of movie making within the AA realm. Everything that it did great, it also hurt itself with as well by being too many things. Be that as it may, this is a truely special film and it's creativity and fine workmanship will be hard to duplicate.


DOWNLOAD ( 761 megs, wmv, 51 mins )

23.The Days of High Adventure

[ Glasse's comment ] :
Borberad, you sir, make good frag movies. The content was critised somewhat because of the pub footage but this was done as demos were useless at this time and pascam was not available yet so match content was difficult to capture. The audio/video synch is something to be studied, just excellent timing.

[ Grinder's Comments ] :
Well another quality video put out by a very good director/special effects person in AA.


DOWNLOAD ( 302 megs, 25 mins, wmv )
Download Link

DELTA FR Sandstorm

[ Glasse's comment ] :
The most 'film' like of all AA movies. Sandstorm really gets to you with its perfect audio track mastering and overall atmosphere. You really feel like you're watching a film. High quality, clean editing, original storyline. And you wont get any better audio anywhere. Machinima at its best.

[ Grinder's Comment ] :
A very top rate and quality production. The movie flows well and with it's good storyline, high quality video with very smooth editing this will always be a benchmark by what others are judged.

[ DeltaFR-Alcyon's comment ] :
- DeltaFr movies (2 of them)
I love remebering how difficult it's to make those i gave a "Hooah" to all AAO movie maker


Download Link

SOUTHPARK : Hostages in Hospital

[ Glasse's comment ] :
There's been a ton of hospital map vip movies but Southpark did it best. Simple and clean editing, good image quality, nice atmosphere. Goes straight to the point. This is part 1, part 2 hasnt come out yet.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
Being not a huge fan of all the movies that have flooded the scene of this type, this one stands out well above the others. If you watch one vip movie, make it this one.


DOWNLOAD ( 151megs, wmv, 8mins )
Download Link

Zero Octane

[ Glasse's comment ] :
First of its kind when it came to scripted story movies, this is way old school ( mirror in pipeline bathroom ). First use of sparse 3d elements aswell as live voice acting. This is the granddaddy of story movies that would lead the way towards the movies coming out today.

[ Grinder's comment ] :
This original AA movie is one of the best and you can dispute the most creative ( as there was none to compare it to at the point this one was made). You have to love the old flavor and the old "rags" and mirror and the great character names. Yes this is probably my favorite AA movie ever and would highly reccommend people check it out.

DOWNLOAD ( 98 megs, wmv, 13mins )
Download Link
    Comments (3)
Posted by: United-States madd | October 07th, 2006 at 2:08 AM UTC

The first three are actually pretty funny once you get past the openings
Posted by: United-States Cali | October 07th, 2006 at 2:17 AM UTC

im watching the first three now... lol talk about old school shadows
Posted by: United-States Grinder | October 10th, 2006 at 3:12 AM UTC

Wow, that was a long time ago I made those comments. I thought Glasse had forgotten all about this!
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